Is Jonah Sharp making amazing techno again?

So I was checking out the new release on Nude Photo Music out of Portland, and low and behold there is a remix by none other than, Jonah Sharp. The track is The Day After by Gold Code (Jonah Sharp Mix). It is currently my favorite track and displays some of the best elements of good techno, a solid 4/4 kick anchoring the entire 9 minute song, with wonderful improvisational electronics wafting in and out of the track.

Jonah Sharp’s Spacetime Continuum LP Emit Ecaps on Astralworks was one of the most listened to ambient/techno cds in my life and heavily influenced my tastes in music during the early 90s in San Francisco. I know in the late 90’s he was doing some improv electronic jazz work but since then I was not aware he was producing still. Thanks Jonah and Nude Photo for putting out this amazing tune!

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3 Responses to Is Jonah Sharp making amazing techno again?

  1. Logan 5 says:

    That mix went straight into my crate as well. Back in the early 2000s I saw a live double-header performance of Sharp w/ Miguel of Single Cell Orchestra and it was just absolutely mental – some of the best techno, electro and breaks, in a tiny little SF Mission district joint where Sharp handled the bookinng, 26Mix.

    A couple of years ago Sharp was back out on tour as the electronic music component of Mickey Hart’s Planet Drum along with my tabla hero Zakir Hussein – and they came through Chico so you know I was there. It was much more understated role, but considering Jonah’s origins as a jazz drummer, I think he was in pretty fine company.

    I’ve been hoping for a resurgence of Reflective Records, which looked like it was almost going to happen some years ago with a single from Oakland’s Blaktronics, and while it hasn’t happened yet, I’ll keep my fingers crossed. The time is ripe for a new Spacetime Continuum album, I think.

  2. symbio says:

    word!! would love a new spacetime continuum album, hope its in the works. 🙂

  3. acidted says:

    Agree about a new spacetime continuum album. Emit Ecaps and Remit Recaps are both great.

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