Musical Missionary drops the 530Techno EP

Both Oilpanic and I were introduced to David Collado and his amazing non-profit label Musical Missionary through our good friend Sean-Michael Yoder of VinyljunkiePR. Kindred spirits in the belief that music is a path towards bringing people of all types together and the importance of giving to those less fortunate, we were honored and excited to contribute our music to such a worthy cause. Musical Missionary is a nonprofit charity and music label dedicated to providing music and arts education to underprivileged youth.

The 530Techno EP brings together 3 artists on the 530Techno roster and drops today on Beatport, Juno and TraxSource. Featuring a killer percussive tech-house bomb by Chris Fortier of Fade Records. I have played both Chris’s remix and Oilpanic’s remix of Sick Sonar out numerous times and both rock the dancefloor. Crazy support from some of our favorite international artists and djs!

James Teej (Rekids, My Favorite Robot Records, No. 19, Rebirth)
“Refreshing stuff, a little harder than i usually go for, but lots of attitude. Diggin sick sonar  orig, and the oilpanic remix… will keep an eye on this label, thanks”

Slam (Glasgow)
“Strong EP – nice remixes – will play!”

Hernán Cattaneo (Rennaisance, Perfecto, Bedrock, Urban Torque)
“Chris Fortier mix for me.”

Fine Cut Bodies (CHi / MR2 / Tilos / Faculty)
“nice groovy house music!”

Brian Ffar (Siteholder Records)
“Definitely into the Fortier mix – has a great old school vibe to it! I also like Oilpanic’s version of Sick Sonar.”

Noah Pred (Thoughtless Music)
“Some very cool textures on offer here – refreshingly inventive techno…”

530Techno EP – Musical Missionary

Oilpanic – Vagabond

Oilpanic – Vagabond (Symbio’s Lunar Dub Mix)

Stunp & Symbio – Sick Sonar

Stunp & Symbio – Sick Sonar (Chris Fortier’s 40oz Remix)

Stunp & Symbio – Sick Sonar (Oilpanic Remix)

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