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530Techno proudly presents… an exclusive 4 hr podcast compiled and arranged by dj/producer Chris Fortier.

Entitled, “A Story of Me, Volume 2”, Chris takes us on an epic journey through the sounds and artists that have influenced him in his life as a DJ and producer. From the early sounds of American house music (ala the Paradise Garage) to 90’s era British acid house/hip-house to early Detroit, this is a slice of “classic” house and techno with some key influential gems. This is a lesson in music history as much as it is an incredible mix to listen to from start to finish!

Hot on the heels of his recent analogue bomb, the Leadwave EP, comes a stellar acid tribal remix for Ribbon Tweeter Worship’s Headwarmer on June 29th. Chris is one of those few talented producers who have been part of the foundation for electronic music culture and are also key players in it’s current evolution. More about Chris Fortier.

Is There Anybody Intro
The Cure – Fascination Street (Live at Wembley)
A Guy Called Gerald – Emotions Electric (Peel Sessions)
The KLF – 3am Eternal (Blue Danube Orbital Mix)
The KLF – 3am Eternal (3pm Electro Mix)
Mood Food – Mood Food
YBU – Keep It Up (Chillin Remake)
The Grid – Flotation (Slof Man Remix)
Caron Wheeler – Living In The Light (Red Zone Dub)
DJ Mink – Can U Relate? (Luke Verbert Remix)
Adis Posse – Warriors Dance
The Beloved – Your Love Takes Me Higher (Calyx of Isis Mix)
Slam – Eterna
RHC – Fever Called Love (Ambient Mix)
Liberty City – If You Really Love Somebody
The Beat Pirate – A Guy Called Bat (Robin’s Mix)
Inner City – Good Life (Magic Juan’s 12” Mix)
Forgemasters – Track With No Name (Unique 3 Mix)
Tom Salta – The New Generation (House Club Mix)
De Lite – Wild Times (Mayday Mix)
The Real Dynamic Duo – House Music (All Night Long) (Deniz Pop Mix)
C & M Connection – Another Night (Paradise Garage Resampled Mix)
D-Shake – Techno Trance (Feel the Space Mix)
KC Flight – Planet E (Edit)
Zone – Hip House 2000 (Martian Mix)
Octave One – I Believe (Juan Atkins Mix)
Final Cut presents True Faith – Take Me Away (Pin Up Girls Mix)
Underworld – Skyscraper, I Love You (Jam Scraper Mix)
Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy ((Kamouflage Loves Fred Remix)
House of House – Rushing to Paradise
Robyek – Tribute to E2E4 (Sueno Latino)
Johnny L – This Time (Carl Craig Remix)
Sasha – Together (FOS Remix) (40oz Re-edit)
Weekender – Weekender (Andrew Weatherall Remix 1)
Gat Décor – Passion
Morenas – Hazme Sonar
Amii Stewart – Lost It
Asmo – Jam The Dance
The KLF – What Time Is Love (Pure Trance)
PKA – Temperature Rising (Bigger & Better Mix)
Together – Hardcore Uproar
LCD Soundsystem – Paperclip People
CeCe Rogers – Someday (Accainstrumental)

compiled and mixed by chris fortier
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8 Responses to pod:006 – chris fortier

  1. Absolutely beautiful and amazing! This is epic and dirty all at the same time………

  2. daX0phonics says:

    It’s taken me over a week of bike commuting to have an opportunity to listen deeply to all of this. What an incredible, transportational set. I think the “paradise garage” reference is misplaced, the vibe here is somewhere 5 miles in the air between Chicago and Manchester and I completely love it. Tip top.

  3. It’s Jonas…sorry buddy; it’s badass. Nice werk. It’s a lot to take in. Smooth…calculated, smart phone. For now…Peez.

  4. some of these p drpprz r records you recorded; white labels, bootleg quiks, that’s why it’s underground, pure. dung dun dun dung; electro, orlando, house, fortier.

  5. brian busto says:

    i live in Florida and have been listening to Chris Fortier since the early 90s until now. Hearing a mix from him like this is not only a treat, but a real example of his vibe for those that were not around back then. Chris is the real deal. Always on the edge without compromise and still relevant after all these years…mad respect..well done my man!

  6. Brian Kennedy says:

    Wow….umm…..wow! You should be proud bud. Amazing.

  7. Spencer says:

    Sweet, looking forward this! downloading now and will listen tonight on my way to London! See you soon buddy!

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