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about lilroj //  The musical career of Roger Vellion aka LilRoj began in Louisiana, where at the age of 15 he began experimenting with turntables and electronic music. In 1994, at the age of 18 he broke into the nightclub scene, and two years later the New Orleans Rave scene. Early gigs included Freebass Society events at the State Palace Theatre, known as the epicenter of music and culture in New Orleans, as well as many large mid 90′s warehouse parties in major cities like Houston and Memphis. He continued to be a staple in the Southern scene up until 2002, when he moved to Portland, Oregon. In Portland, Roj established himself as a top local talent and began to refine his sound, focusing on funky, bass-heavy techno and minimal. He also began expanding his passion for electronic music production. In 2008 Roj began working with fellow Portland artist JAK, becoming a key remixer and producer for the SubSensory label. Roj now helps manage the label as well as SubSensory’s monthly event: STATIC.   web / facebook / soundcloud

Historical Influences

1.  Joey Beltram – Psycho Bass
2.  The Overlords – God’s Eye (Heavy Duty Lion Rock Vibe)
3.  Progression – Reach Further
4.  CJ Bolland – Horse Power
5.  M to the Third Power – Brainwaves
6.  Speedy J  – Pepper

Current DJ Mix

1.   Marc Romboy, Stephan Bodzin – Telesto (Original Mix)
2.   Nicolas Masseyeff – Mugen (Original Mix)
3.   LilRoj – Chuckle (Mario Maroto Remix)
4.   Reset Robot – Moozboosh (Original Mix)
5.   Luigi Madonna – Fuencarral (Original Mix)
6.   Gabriela Penn – Radioactive Elephants From Mars (Original Mix)
7.   Sante – Ce Una (Carlo Lio Remix)
8.   Taster Peter – The Clipping Track (Original Mix)
9.   Luigi Rocca, Pleasurekraft – Nostromo (Original Mix)
10. LilRoj – Free Air (Original Mix)
11. Scuba – M.A.R.S (DJ-Kicks) (Unmixed)
12. Katsuhiko – Elemind – DJ Mourad (W.A.R.M.T.H. 313 Remix)

Current Influences

1.  Nightmares On Wax – Passion (Original Mix)
2.  In Credo – Siesta Del Sol (Laid Back Summer Cut)
3.  Nicolas Jaar – Wouh (Original Mix)
4.  Nor Elle – At Close Quaters (Original Mix)
5.  Sun Control Species – Scalar Fields (Original Mix)
6.  Nor Elle – Desert Storm

compiled and mixed by lilroj

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