Murr – Yellow Tape feat. Rosina // 530D013 – OUT NOW

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Rising Toronto producer Murr (New Kanada, DNH) delivers his first EP for 530Techno after several previous remixes. On “Yellow Tape” he works with long time vocal collaborator Rosina Kazi for a strong original that conjures visions of the blippier, more romantic side of techno.

Remixes come courtesy of Vancouver techno and visual arts duo The Automatic Message, Seattle electro artist 214, and the on fire Toronto duo Hermans for a release that really brings the dark, underground heat to the summertime dance floor.

The original contains a mysterious, almost impenetrably cool sheen capped with a sub rattling bass line to shake the floor.  Rosina’s vocals float in on gossamer waves of ethereal bliss that gives the track a very distant, emotional tint. The haunting string melodies on top are gorgeous in both deepness and somberness, lending themselves to a soulful but melancholic feel overall.

The Automatic Message (From 0-1, Kalimari) cranks the original to eleven and turns it in to a full-bore Sheffield-style chunk of techno. This is peak hour starkness for techno DJs who like to bring the big heat.  The duo deftly ties together the cinematic leanings of the visual work with a blistering industrial influence that is impossible to ignore

Seattle artist 214 (Hypercolour, Fortified Audio) creates post-modern electro beats for his remix. It’s a nice blend of the modern Detroit sound with tasty analog vibes and the retro soulful template disseminated by the genre’s forefathers. 214 taps in to that age-old spirit but avoids the retro pitfalls with futuristic sound collage melodies that are simply twisted.

Toronto duo the Hermans (Extended Play, The Deep North) provide a wicked b-side blast of oft-kilter, bass line heavy tech-house for the final remix. An undulating, driving pulse anchors this track as it syncopates the beats and mixes up the rhythms to keep things fresh and lively. Other elements here are muted and dubby for a radical retake of the original that is provides a suitable conclusion for a genre busting EP.

Selected DJ Support

Andrew Grant (Circo Loco, DC10 / Ibiza)
“The Original is some bass bumping futuristic jam 5/5!”

Luciano (Cadenza)
“The Original Mix is great, thanks!”

Lee Curtiss (Visionquest, Wolf + Lamb / Detroit)
“Nice Work!”

Audio Injection (Droid/ Los Angeles)
“Very nice remix from automatic message!!”

Lars Behrenroth (Deeper Shades/ Los Angeles)
“Hermans remix is very intriguing .. 4/5!”

Deepchild (Trapez / Opossum Records / Berlin)
“Hammertime is the right time. For making love with the machines of tomorrow – TODAY! Hermans Remix!”

Milkplant (From 0-1 / San Francisco)
“Nice avant-garde release. The remixes will all be useful but The Automatic Message’s mix is particularly good.”

Nihad Tule (Drumcode / Sweden)
“Automatic message mix for me, great stuff!”

Marcus Barnes (Resident Advisor, i-D, The Independent / UK)

Paco Osuna (Plus 8 , Zenit / Spain)
“The Automatic Message remix for me.”

Jeff Roll (Gradient Magazine)
“Excellent! 5/5”

Pointbender (Thoughtless, Harmonious Discord, 530Techno / Austin)
“Love the swung low dirty vibe of the 214 remix”

Louk (Compulzion / Q-Dance / Hindsight / Atmosphere)
“Very trippy, like the Hermans mix best to play out, the 214 to listen to but like the other two as well. Herman’s mix for me !”

SLAM / Orde Meikle (Glasgow, UK)
“Will spin this – thanx guys!”

Toni Rios (Cocoon Club / Frankfurt)
“Original mix is my fav. great for my set. thanx.”

Kane Roth ( / Berlin)
“I like this deep and fresh stuff, thanks :)”

DJ Rob Warner (Ibiza Voice / New Zealand)
“The original mix is sick.. super deep and dark!”

LilRoj (Subsensory Recordings / Portland)
“Liking the broken beats on the 214 mix.”

Dick Diamonds (The Deep North / Toronto)
“Love MURR, strong release all around – – as usual from 530Techno, and I am super happy to have been a part of this release!!”

Merlyn Martin (Subdivisions Global Radio Show / USA)
“Really digging the Automatic Message Remix,, thx! ;)”

Signal Deluxe (Get The Curse, Blaq, Hidden / Mexico)
“214 remix is amazing!! 5/5”

Sone (From0-1 / Seattle)
“The Automatic Message brings the heat on this one! So sick, will def play. 214’s mix is also some nice sexy electro. Well done on this one :)”

Pack Up And Dance (Groove Armada / UK)
“Full Support!”

Marty G (Sassafras / San Francisco)
“Really diggin the 214 and hermans remixes!! solid work here. the original is quite nice as well. the deepness is palpable… will get played out for sure.”

Tony Rodriguez (Brothers VIBE)
“Great project – Thanks! Hermans Remix for me.”

Logan 5 (KZFR 90.1 / Chico)
“The 214 mix is some subwoofer soul food. Definitely supporting this.”

DJ Tronic (KBOO FM / Techno.FM / Portland)
“LOVE the original version. Amazing song. Will be playing it a lot.”

Paul Corey (Cacophonous Bling / UK)
“Nice release that, while keeping things deep, keeps the tempo varied as well.”

Additional support from: Andrea Ferlin, Noah Pred, Dru Deep, Lucas Rodenbush, Paul Corey, Dillon, Monocraft, Audiowomb, Dsan Powell.

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