Wirik – Lost World EP // 530D015 – Out Now


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wirik is a dj/producer based out of calgary, canada. a champion of the dark, abstract and industrial influenced sounds, he has previous releases on 530techno, mexico city’s seminal blaq imprint along with austin, tx based harmonious discord. layered, textural, intense and 100% techno.

remixes from proper trax (knoxville tn) label boss will azada and 530techno’s symbio.

Support from: Danny Tanaglia (NYC), Kyle Geiger (Drumcode),  Audio Injection / Truncate (Droid/Truncate/Los Angeles) , Drumcell (Los Angeles), Chris Fortier (NYC), Kernal Key (Italy), Nihad Tule (Drumcode), Krenzlin (Tresor/Berlin), Mikael Jonasson (Drumcode/Octopus), Sone (Seattle), Marty G (SF), Atesh K. (Regular Beats), John Massey (Seattle), Green Cross (Brazil), The Automatic Message (Vancouver), Liss C (Berlin), Nelman (Hungary), Syphon (Chicago), Summer (Mo’s Ferry), Logan 5 (KZFR 90.1 FM), Stefano Infusino (Italy), Claude Young (Japan), Riyaz Khan (Toronto), Corey Biggs (NYC), Pole Folder, Anderson Noise (Brazil), Fine Cut Bodies (Chi Recordings), Spin Diva (NYC), Dick Diamonds (Toronto), Andres Gil (Columbia), CRAFT (NYC), Angel Costa (Brood Audio), John Templeton (Denver), Max The Fax (Toronto), JAK & LilRoj (Portland), Chad (BlankCode), Cyanwave (Seattle), Sasha Le Monnier (Contagious Rhythm), Daniel Mehes (Budapest), Louk (Compulzion), Chris Firenze (Chicago).

Selected DJ Feedback

“Good release! Will Azada’s mix and the Symbio Remix are my favs. Well done!!!!”
Claude Young (Different World / Detroit / Japan)

“Darkness and underground techno combined and fueled by one of our favorite techno producers of these days, Wirik is truly an inspiration for us seeing him releasing in such a fine label is truly a joy!! much love and respect guys!”
Signal Deluxe (Blaq Records / Mexico)

“Proper deep & dark warehouse techno vibes with ‘Time Travel’, and Will Azada’s remix rolls like the techno of old. Lost World – Symbio mix is the cut i’ll be playing for my dance floors. Thanks for the promo!”Gcue (Deep North / Toronto)

“beautiful ep! a great all around package. all the tracks will take the dance floor to another level. really liking both lost world mixes! nice grooves. can’t wait to hear this on a soundsystem.”
Marty G (Bielefeld / San Francisco)

“A coherent vision realized in sound. Will Azada’s remix intro is the perfect prelude to intensity.”
Logan 5  (KZFR 90.1 FM)

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