Improv/Experimental composer Kyle Bruckmann (aka stunp) releases Uncle Monkey EP w/ remixes from Signal Deluxe and symbio

Out now!

Oakland, CA-based composer/performer Kyle Bruckmann’s work extends from a classical foundation into gray areas encompassing free jazz, electronic music and post-punk rock. From 1996-2003, he was a fixture in Chicago’s experimental music underground; long-term affiliations include the electro-acoustic duo EKG, the art-punk monstrosity Lozenge, and the Creative Music quintet Wrack.

For his first solo release on 530Techno, as Stunp he straps down his experimental sound with the club and techno framework and creates 4 unique tracks pushing the boundaries of status quo dance floor sensibilities. Rife with complex analog instrumentation and polyrhythmic percussion, this is hand crafted techno as much for your intellect as your dj boxes.

Remixes courtesy of Berlin based underground duo, Signal Deluxe (Thoughtless, Disclosure, Adjunct) and label curator symbio (530Techno).

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