530Techno strives to release timeless and unconventional techno+house+electronica by international artists. Although based in rural northern california, we curate relationships with global artists as part of our community of lateral producers/djs who want to push the boundaries of the genre but retain a keen respect and understanding for the history. Techno + house began as an urban phenomena, from early Detroit to modern Berlin and across the cosmopolitan cities of the world. 530Techno expresses a sound coming from the global underground, which although influenced by modern urban culture, has a unique voice born from small communities. 530Techno supports unknown artists by getting their music out to the world and in the hands of skilled djs to weave creatively into their sets. By networking with our heroes we collaborate and support them through remixes.

In addition to its activities as a music imprint, 530Techno curates its own podcast, partners with VinyljunkiePR on The CONDUIT // Podcast and produces northern california based events.