Hermans are a Canadian production and DJ duo from Toronto, Canada, which consists of members Max the Fax and Dick Diamonds.  The duo was formed sometime in 2011 as they naturally gravitated towards each other over shared musical taste and complimentary strengths that ultimately made it obvious that the pair should work together.  With a focus on Techno and quirky house music that resides on the deep end of the spectrum, the duo aims to produce original material that moves bodies, minds and souls without incurring severe bouts of dejavu in the process.  The two artists consider themselves to be co-founders of The Deep North blog and crew, which has quickly grown to be a powerful player in Toronto’s thriving EDM community, throwing infamous parties under the Late & Deep brand, which has been embraced by the city’s active club culture.

Max the Fax is a lover of Techno and Deephouse, but is a fan of music in general.  Producing with a incessant fervor, Max the Fax has come a long way in the past two years, releasing an EP on Thoughtless Music as Phantom Ambulance and following it up with two official remixes of Deepchild’s The Suffering Ones” as both Max the Fax and Phantom Ambulance.  Mac is also a DJ who has been playing sine 2010.

Dick Diamonds began his journey in the world of house and techno in 2009 as a promoter, having a natural affinity with the activity despite previous lack of interest and even disdain for the word “promoter”.  Quickly realizing that he had a knack for organizing events, he helped form the successful Major Rager and Large Marge events in Toronto before leaving to begin his own project:  The Deep North.  Dan has recently begun producing and has forthcoming releases on Zoo:Technique, Runnin Wild and 530Techno (with max), while continuing to DJ for this second year.


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