Hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden, Hjalmar Hake (Oilpanic) has been actively making electronic music since the early nineties. He has released music on Waveform records as well as on Blipswich Digital and has a great deal of works widely circulated across the web.  Hake began his explorations into electronic music in the 1990s as a part of the Swedish experimental electronic group The Rotten Beak.  His new projects under the Oilpanic alias bring together the forward-thinking, no-holds-barred creativity absorbed from his early experiences with a well-defined stylistic take on techno, electro and tech-house.

Releases //

Oilpanic – Vagabond – Musical Missionary
Chris Fortier – Despegue (Oilpanic Remix) – Fade Records
Symbio – The Gasps & Fissures Parade (Oilpanic’s Deep Fissue Massage) – Blipswitch Digital
Oilpanic – Funk Shake EP – Blipswitch Digital

Links //


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