Rep-Cak, the rise of the abstract structure, born in the mid-eighties in Gdansk, Poland. Hippie skateboarding enthusiast. In the 90 ‘active in the hc / punk scene.

At the beginning of 2000, as a pacifist, Rep-Cak had to leave his country in fear of the army, because Poland was also involved in the war in Afghanistan. He moved to Cologne, Germany, where inspired by the modern minimalist music began to make his first cuts.

In his record collection you will find jazz, soul, blues rock, because it is music, that fuel him to act. From time to time doing jazzy soul hip-hop beats for his friends to clean up his, techno head.

Rep-Cak is also a hardware fanatic, but his best tracks are recorded on cheap equipment, so he knows that is not so important.

Currently living in Holland, where he is working on his Live performance. So keep your eyes and ears open, cause the rise of the abstract structure has come!


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