stunp & symbio

Symbio teams up with experimental improv multi-instrumentalist, Kyle Bruckmann (aka Stunp) to explore the boundaries of the techno + house framework. Stephen Holland-Chang (symbio) is label manager and chief curator of 530Techno. A DJ/Producer based in rural northern California, Symbio has long been an integrator of diverse sounds and influences. As the composer and arranger for the collaboration, Symbio gathers influences from his love of deep detroit/berlin techno, bay area tech-house and industrial music to conjur a unique vision of dancefloor mayhem. Bruckmann’s personal work spans a dizzying aesthetic range, from a foundation as a classical oboist into genre-bending gray areas encompassing free jazz, electronics and post-punk rock. International touring and appearances on more than 40 recordings have led to his recognition as “a modern day renaissance musician” and “a seasoned improviser with impressive extended technique and peculiar artistic flair.” Long-term affiliations include Bay Area new music collective sfSound, bi-coastal electro-acoustic duo EKG, avant-rock monstrosities Lozenge and Pink Mountain, and his Chicago-based ‘Creative Music’ quintet Wrack. His wildly varying projects invariably embrace the creative challenges and black humor of bricolage and self-sabotage; in his electronic work as Stunp, this manifests primarily in the mis-application of limited, vintage, and half-broken analog gear.

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