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Lateral Thought

Lateral Thought. Want to know what it is? Read this. Then, make some techno. Then, send it to us to hear!

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Welcome to the new 530Techno

530Techno started out in 2003 as the brainchild of Stephen Holland-Chang (aka symbio) for the purposes of revitalizing and unifiying the local northern california valley EDM scene. After running for several years as a community directory, blog, regional podcast and event hub for all types of edm, it was decided to re-birth the brand in 2010 as a record label, blog and new podcast series with a focus on strictly underground techno/house/electronics.

530Techno’s Digital Music Label launching early 2011 will present unconventional techno+house+electronica from international artists. In addition to its activities as a digital record label, 530Techno curates its own podcast, partners with VinyljunkiePR on The CONDUIT // Podcast and produces northern california based events. Although based in rural northern california, we are looking for artists to add to our roster of lateral producers/djs who want to push the sound forward. Techno/house began as an urban phenomena, from early Detroit to modern Berlin and across the big cities of the world. Labels like 530Techno prove that there is a sound coming from the global underground, which although influenced by the sounds of the big city, has a unique voice born from small / rural communities like ours. Continue reading

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