Chris Fortier – Leadwave EP // 530D002

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530Techno, a boutique record label based in rural Northern California drops their second release, the Leadwave EP from legendary producer/DJ Chris Fortier. With Leadwave, Fortier crafts a masterpiece of dark, raw and uncompromising analog techno. The Full On Mix is a peak time affair designed for summer outdoor sound systems and sweaty underground warehouses.

Unleaded, strips back the synths revealing the deep bass and builds a haunting minimal workout for the clubs.  On remix duties, we have one of the hottest rising stars of house music, Sishi Rosch (Digital Delight/Sultry Vibes). The Barcelona based dj/producer transforms Unleaded it into a sick acid house groover with his trademark dose of 118 bpm sleaze.

The Leadwave EP oozes analog warmth and asks to be played loud!

DJ Support

Ewan Pearson
“Like this a lot – slow bumping heaviness is always great in my book. Hard to pick a favourite!”

James Zabiela (Rennaisance / UK)

James Teej (Rekids, My Favorite Robot, No.19, We Play House / Canada)
“Diggin the Sishi Rosch remix… definitely my flavour!”

Rub-N-Tug (New York)
“Leadwave – Dub Extended Mix, Thanks!”

Justin Sloe (Droog, Culprit, Avalon / Los Angeles)
“Sisi Rosch remix with the nice kick of aciiieeed!”

Dubfire (SCI+Tec / Washington, DC / Barcelona)
“Leadwave – Full On Mix”

Noah Pred (Thoughtless Music / Toronto)
“Liking the stripped-down Unleaded vibe. Thanks!”

Hernan Catteneo (Rennaisance / UK)
“Unleaded. Very Good!”

SLAM / Orde Meikle (Glasgow, UK)
“Playing Leadwave – cool tunes!”

Andrew Grant (DC-10 / Barraca, Ibiza)
“Wowzers!!!! Leadwave – Full On Mix!”

Fine Cut Bodies (CHi, MR2,Tilos,Faculty / Budapest)
“nice deep techno pack! lovin’ the acid stuff most here!”

Raíz / Acid Circus (Droid Behavior / Los Angeles)
“Unleaded, will make a good tool. Sishi Rosch’s remix is also interesting. Thanks!”

Andrea Ferlin (Sleep Is Commercial / Berlin)
“Unleaded for me thanks!”

Signal Deluxe (Blaq, Trenton, Fade / Mexico City)
“Sishi is a star on the rise!! His remix is straight dancefloor business, will be rocking this one fo sho!!! lovin it, thanks!”

Alexi Delano (New York)
“Very cool, I like Unleaded.”

Pointbender (Harmonious Dischord / Austin)
“Loving the Sishi Roach Rework, but all mixes are solid!”

Dave Seaman (UK)
“Leadwave – Full On Mix”

Tini Tun (All Around,  We Are Here Records / Mexico City)
“Amazing release, full support, thanks for sending! ”

Sam Allman ( / California)
“nice stuff coming from 530 techno so far 🙂 feeling the old school drum sequences in the original mixes!”

Soundspace (Blaq / Mexico)
“Chris Fortier is one of my old influences, old favorites. Sishi Rosch is my new favorite! This EP for me the cross between my old school likes and the new ones. Thumbs up for Sishi Rosch, as always. Full support!”

Sean-Michael Yoder (Ibiza Voice, Big Shot, VinylJunkie PR / USA)
“Sishi remix!!!”

Jared (My Favorite Robot / Toronto)
“Both versions of Unleaded work well for me. Digging the remix. thx.”

Hjalmar Hake (KZFR Chico, Black Market Disco / USA)
“Great release that ooozes analog fatness and oldschool quality techno. Will play at all the best parties!”

Luigi Madonna (Loose Records / Italy)
“Thanx , like the sishi rmx!”

Merlyn Martin (Subdivisions Global Radio Show / USA)
“Really digging the slow and low vibe of Sishi Rosh’s remix – Soli;D!”

Karraskilla (Biatchcorp / Columbia)
“Man Unleaded is awesome!! nice pack!!! thanks!”

Jonra Babiracki (Designforms / Los Angeles)
“Wow … This release has a huge sound great release will play for sure. Sishi’s remix does it for me!”

Isreal Vich (Designforms / Peru)
“Thanx , like the Sishi Rosch Remix!”

Arjun Vagale / Jalebee Cartel (Frisky/Ostwind/Vapour/ALiVE/Beef/Mashtronic / India)
“As usual amazing stuff from Chris Fortier!”

Tetsuo ( / Zaragoza / Spain)
“Thanks!! 5/5 Great Release!”

Jay Riordan (Nice & Nasty / DXR /
“Liking the Unleaded mix the most! It’s the most suitable for my sets. Thanks for sending!

Light IDR (InfraDigrecords – Half Seas Over / Mexico)
“Old school sound!! nice thanks!”

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