Hermans exclusive mix on The CONDUIT // Podcast


Getting ready to ring in the new year and what a perfect way to drop in to 2013 with this dope exclusive mix from Toronto’s Hermans featured on the CONDUIT Podcast!

Tracklisting //

Dirt Urchins (Original Mix) – Hermans
Riyadh (original Mix) – Deepchild
Sample Di Poison – Lady Blacktronika
Mindstorm – Basic Soul Unit
Octopus – James T Cotton
The Curiosity Box – Greyhawk
RazKaz – Marcel Fengler
Trance Me Up (I Wanna Go Higher) (Skudge Remix) – Achterbahn D’amour
Sfs – Tuff City Kids
Boontown – BOOK
Heatstroke – Sean Roman & Dick Diamonds
Equilibrium – Hot Natured
Blonde On Blonde – West Norwood Cassette Library
Energy Flash (Dean Newton & Huggy Mix) – Joey Beltram
Flexibility – Miss Kitten & The Hacker
Lost Battlleships (re edit) – Siopis
El Duelo (Joyce Muniz Dejando Remix) – Maurice Aymard feat. Yetta
RDMN – Psyk
Piano Houze – The MD Connection
Untitled 2 – Midland & Pariah
Whew! – The Bucket Heads
Tears Of Joy – Felix Da Housecat

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Hermans – Dirt Urchins EP // 530D014 – Out Now

Buy on Beatport

Deep, raw and intoxicating cuts of heady house and bass-line driven techno come curtesy of Toronto’s Hermans (Extended Play, SubTrak) on their debut EP.

Dick Diamonds and Max The Fax, the founders of the Late & Deep parties in Toronto have crafted a unique sound fusing detroit style techno with raw psychedelic acid house riffs. We deliver this massive EP to you from some of the best talents from the Deep North!

Hot off the heels of his new full length for Thoughtless Music, Berlin based Deepchild (Thoughtless, Trapez) is enlisted to remix The Inescapable Shade. His unavoidable dub takes things up a notch by adding some heavy futurism, angular attititude and vocal samples for surefire dancefloor destruction. Deep North resident Sean Roman (Hot Waves, Molotov21) brings the heat with his remix of The Inescapable shade opting for a more jackin brand of futuristic deep house. Finally, Murr (New Kanada, 530Techno) turns in a beautifully haunting remix of Dirt Urchins perfect for long virtual trips to the outer stratosphere. In the grand dub tradition, Murr layers sound upon sound and melody into a cacophany of whispers, bells and found sounds for your aural pleasure.

Selected DJ Support

Laurent Garnier (F Comm / France)
“The Inescapable Shade is right down my street — will play a lot!”

Alland Byallo (Poker Flat, Bad Animal / Berlin)
“Really love the original mix of The Inescapable Shade. Deepchild’s mix is dope too! I like the droney vibes of the Murr mix too. Nice release!!”

Andrew Grant (Circo Loco, DC10 / Ibiza)
“Damn skippy 5/5 those are some dirty urchins you got over there ;)”

Thugfucker (Visionquest, Wolf+Lamb / NYC)
“A couple really nice slices of techno here..thanks for this! 5/5”

Billy Dalessandro (Force Inc., Arhipel / Chicago)
“Great stuff, I like Inescapable Shade, Org mix! Thank you !”

Basic Soul Unit (Ostgut Ton, New Kanada / Toronto)
“Original mix of Dirt Urchins is where its at!”

Justin Harris (Music For Freaks / UK)
“Phew – strong sound!! love this!!”

PSLKTR (Monoblok, Meant Records, Lebensfreude / France)
“Cool remix from Murr, interesting EP!”

Mr. Ho (Klasse Recordings /Exploited Rec / Berlin)
“Fine EP here. Sick groove on Inescapable Shade, and love the dusty chicago house feel on Dirt Urchins. Also Deepchild’s remix is another dancefloor filler. Excellent all round!”

Arjun Vagale (Trapez, Octopus / India)
“Very cool EP, some great music here!”

TiniTun (We Are Here Records/ Mexico)
“Great release, Deepchild and Sean Roman for me. Great label. Thanks!”

Deepchild (Trapez, Opossum Records, Thoughtless / Berlin)
“Good lord. This whole package is silly silly hot. My ass is burnt from shaking so hard.”

David Scuba (Superfreq / Los Angeles)
“Dirt Urchins for me…. deep & twisted!!!”

Lucas Roddenbush (EBE, Immigrant / Los Angeles)
“Real nice melodic techno. Great production. Will surely find spots for all mixes on this record.”

Jeff Roll (Gradient Magazine)
“Excellent! 5/5”

Sean Danke (Affin, Something Different / Iceland)
“Deepchild remix sounds phat!”

Andrew / Populette (Throne of Blood / NYC)
“Great stuff guys!. Urchins is wicked. .”

Signal Deluxe (Get The Curse, Blaq, Hidden / Mexico)
“Nice release will support this one for sure!”

Pointbender (Thoughtless, Harmonious Discord, 530Techno / Austin)
“Killer release!!!”

Gcue (Late & Deep / Toronto)
“Great EP and remixes. Original Hermans cuts FTW!”

Tyler Stadius (Proton / Vancouver)
“Cool tracks. Been loving Deepchild’s sound. Thanks for sending.”

Riyaz Khan (CHRY 105.5FM / Toronto)
“Wonderful sounding release – especially feelin’ the deep and moody original mix of The Inescapable Shade! ”

Marques Wyatt (Vanguard Hollywood / Los Angeles)

MonSanto (Sundown, Divine / Toronto)
“Great release, Dirt Urchins for me. Also like The Inscapable Shade (Sean Romans remix) Good work guys….”

Toni Rios (Cocoon Club / Frankfurt)
“The Inescapable Shade is my fav. great for my set. thanx.”

Tony Rodriguez (Brothers VIBE)
“ALL good!”

JAK (Subsensory Recordings / Portland)
“Really unique stuff. OG mix of Deepchild most likely to get some use. Thx!”

Merlyn Martin (Subdivisions Global Radio Show / USA)
“Like the Deepchild remix – Of Course! ;)”

Jonra (DesignForms / Los Angeles)
“Deepchilds remix kills it !”

Logan 5 (KZFR 90.1 / Chico)
“A breakthough release – every track weaves a richer texture than just about anything out there. Murr’s mix goes deep enough to pop out on another planet. ”

SLAM / Orde Meikle (Glasgow, UK)
“Will spin this – thanx guys!”

Tetsuo Zaragoza (mixside.com / Barcelona)
“Nice release! thank you”

Steve Perry (Red Zone/Juice FM, Luna,SMP3 / UK)
“Nice EP. Liking Dirt Urchins and Deepchild’s remix”

Sping Diva (Clubber’s Guide / NYC)
“Really nice work here!”

Daniel Mehes (Frakture, Flow / Budapest)
“Great stuff, I like the mellow and deep ideas in The Inescapable Shade”

Eric Davenport (Guesthouse, Doubledown / Los Angeles)
“If your a fan of dark minimalist german techno then you’ll love this one. Doesn’t compromise…”

Goldngrhms (earmilk.com / Toronto)
“Great release! Definately crating The original mix and Deepchild remixes of Dirt Urchins. Full support.”

Billy Disciple (Undulate Recordings, Bar13, Love / NYC)
“Deepchild dub is cool.”

Additional support from: Jay Tripwire, Sasha Robotti, DJ Spider, Analog Effect, Andrea Ferlin, Lars Wickinger, Sander Kleinenberg, Antonio Caballero, Yamil Colucci, Issac Zepeda

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pod:012 – murr

Download 530Techno // pod:012 – mixed by murr

wonderful new podcast provided from toronto’s murr. check out his recent release Yellow Tape feat. Rosina out now

about murr //  Born in Barbados, murr is a composer and producer of electronic music and a sound designer for theatre and film. He is a founding member of the band Lal and the music production company Da Grassroots. He has produced for Mood Ruff, Ghetto Concept and K-os, among others, and has released 12 inch vinyl on Nick Holder’s DNH label, Adam Marshall’s New Kanada Label and various electronic works on Public Transit Records.  twitter / soundcloud

compiled and mixed by murr

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Murr – Yellow Tape feat. Rosina // 530D013 – OUT NOW

Buy on Beatport

Rising Toronto producer Murr (New Kanada, DNH) delivers his first EP for 530Techno after several previous remixes. On “Yellow Tape” he works with long time vocal collaborator Rosina Kazi for a strong original that conjures visions of the blippier, more romantic side of techno.

Remixes come courtesy of Vancouver techno and visual arts duo The Automatic Message, Seattle electro artist 214, and the on fire Toronto duo Hermans for a release that really brings the dark, underground heat to the summertime dance floor.

The original contains a mysterious, almost impenetrably cool sheen capped with a sub rattling bass line to shake the floor.  Rosina’s vocals float in on gossamer waves of ethereal bliss that gives the track a very distant, emotional tint. The haunting string melodies on top are gorgeous in both deepness and somberness, lending themselves to a soulful but melancholic feel overall.

The Automatic Message (From 0-1, Kalimari) cranks the original to eleven and turns it in to a full-bore Sheffield-style chunk of techno. This is peak hour starkness for techno DJs who like to bring the big heat.  The duo deftly ties together the cinematic leanings of the visual work with a blistering industrial influence that is impossible to ignore

Seattle artist 214 (Hypercolour, Fortified Audio) creates post-modern electro beats for his remix. It’s a nice blend of the modern Detroit sound with tasty analog vibes and the retro soulful template disseminated by the genre’s forefathers. 214 taps in to that age-old spirit but avoids the retro pitfalls with futuristic sound collage melodies that are simply twisted.

Toronto duo the Hermans (Extended Play, The Deep North) provide a wicked b-side blast of oft-kilter, bass line heavy tech-house for the final remix. An undulating, driving pulse anchors this track as it syncopates the beats and mixes up the rhythms to keep things fresh and lively. Other elements here are muted and dubby for a radical retake of the original that is provides a suitable conclusion for a genre busting EP.

Selected DJ Support

Andrew Grant (Circo Loco, DC10 / Ibiza)
“The Original is some bass bumping futuristic jam 5/5!”

Luciano (Cadenza)
“The Original Mix is great, thanks!”

Lee Curtiss (Visionquest, Wolf + Lamb / Detroit)
“Nice Work!”

Audio Injection (Droid/ Los Angeles)
“Very nice remix from automatic message!!”

Lars Behrenroth (Deeper Shades/ Los Angeles)
“Hermans remix is very intriguing .. 4/5!”

Deepchild (Trapez / Opossum Records / Berlin)
“Hammertime is the right time. For making love with the machines of tomorrow – TODAY! Hermans Remix!”

Milkplant (From 0-1 / San Francisco)
“Nice avant-garde release. The remixes will all be useful but The Automatic Message’s mix is particularly good.”

Nihad Tule (Drumcode / Sweden)
“Automatic message mix for me, great stuff!”

Marcus Barnes (Resident Advisor, i-D, The Independent / UK)

Paco Osuna (Plus 8 , Zenit / Spain)
“The Automatic Message remix for me.”

Jeff Roll (Gradient Magazine)
“Excellent! 5/5”

Pointbender (Thoughtless, Harmonious Discord, 530Techno / Austin)
“Love the swung low dirty vibe of the 214 remix”

Louk (Compulzion / Q-Dance / Hindsight / Atmosphere)
“Very trippy, like the Hermans mix best to play out, the 214 to listen to but like the other two as well. Herman’s mix for me !”

SLAM / Orde Meikle (Glasgow, UK)
“Will spin this – thanx guys!”

Toni Rios (Cocoon Club / Frankfurt)
“Original mix is my fav. great for my set. thanx.”

Kane Roth ( / Berlin)
“I like this deep and fresh stuff, thanks :)”

DJ Rob Warner (Ibiza Voice / New Zealand)
“The original mix is sick.. super deep and dark!”

LilRoj (Subsensory Recordings / Portland)
“Liking the broken beats on the 214 mix.”

Dick Diamonds (The Deep North / Toronto)
“Love MURR, strong release all around – – as usual from 530Techno, and I am super happy to have been a part of this release!!”

Merlyn Martin (Subdivisions Global Radio Show / USA)
“Really digging the Automatic Message Remix,, thx! ;)”

Signal Deluxe (Get The Curse, Blaq, Hidden / Mexico)
“214 remix is amazing!! 5/5”

Sone (From0-1 / Seattle)
“The Automatic Message brings the heat on this one! So sick, will def play. 214’s mix is also some nice sexy electro. Well done on this one :)”

Pack Up And Dance (Groove Armada / UK)
“Full Support!”

Marty G (Sassafras / San Francisco)
“Really diggin the 214 and hermans remixes!! solid work here. the original is quite nice as well. the deepness is palpable… will get played out for sure.”

Tony Rodriguez (Brothers VIBE)
“Great project – Thanks! Hermans Remix for me.”

Logan 5 (KZFR 90.1 / Chico)
“The 214 mix is some subwoofer soul food. Definitely supporting this.”

DJ Tronic (KBOO FM / Techno.FM / Portland)
“LOVE the original version. Amazing song. Will be playing it a lot.”

Paul Corey (Cacophonous Bling / UK)
“Nice release that, while keeping things deep, keeps the tempo varied as well.”

Additional support from: Andrea Ferlin, Noah Pred, Dru Deep, Lucas Rodenbush, Paul Corey, Dillon, Monocraft, Audiowomb, Dsan Powell.

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VA: Lateral Excursions 01 // 530D012 – Out Now

Buy on Beatport

D.I.Y. record labels have transformed and multiplied into something far cooler, less bottom line driven; more like a curated tour through the label founder’s mind. Sometimes these excursions are dull, unfocused, or even worse – hopelessly pandering to a commercial audience that doesn’t even exist. Others seem to understand the artform and have driven it to new heights, so while some may talk of pop stars choking out the little guy in America’s suddenly very lucrative dance music market, it’s been these countless unsung heroes from the underground who have built the backbone of this much larger success.

One of the more exciting stories rising up from these depths in the past year has been that of 530Techno, the tenacious little upstart label of Northern California DJ/producer Symbio. Divorced from all influences other than those from so afar they seem foggy and nearly inscrutable and those nearby, a mish-mash of the juvenile radio-friendly pabulum and past tense musics that foreigners are constantly berating the US dance music scene for in one media diatribe after another these days.

To stand alone is a difficult thing, no safety in numbers, just self-reliance and a will to survive and prosper no matter what. In the face of such adversity, 530Techno has not only survived but thrived with crucial tracks and remixes from a broad stroke of well-known talents all over the world and even back home in the remote 530 (area code). Many of the top international DJs have supported the label at one time or another with DJ charts, radio mixes, and podcasts – the love has definitely been there since day one for the little label that could – it’s been a humbling experience, to say the least, and now one worthy of a little celebration.

Lateral Excursions 01 explores the philosophical aspect of the label – the Zen koan – lateral thought. There is a sense of “knowing”, both body and mind, that is expressed between these grooves on this compilation. These tracks are all unreleased, alternate remixes culled from the labels biggest releases of the past year – Angel Alanis. Chris Fortier, Ivan Dbri & Wirik, JAK & LilRoj, Jon McMillon, Pointbender, and Sishi Rösch all representing the established, Local artists are also well-represented in the likes Daxophonics, Lady Blacktronika, Oilpanic, Stunp, Symbio, and the enigmatic Ribbon Tweeter Worship. There is even a lone newcomer from Poland, REP-CAK, who is about as lateral thought as an artist can get.

This is a gift, a thanks for your support, and the perfect way to kick off year two for such an exciting label.

DJ Support

Paul Corey (Resident Advisor / Ibiza Voice)
“Nice compilation which while very accessible, doesn’t take the easy route”

Audio Injection (Droid / Los Angeles)
“i’m liking alanis’s mix thanks”

Xpansul (Ovum / Spain)
“Great package with really fresh sounds. Thanks!”

Nihad Tule (Drumcode)
“Leadwave is my pick, great track!”

Milkplant (From 0-1 / San Francisco)
“Chris Fortier’s mixes take the cake in this comp. The Symbio remix is cool too. Thanks!”

S!lk (Plastic City / Ibiza)
“Great release ! I Love It ! Angel Alanis Acid Trix is my Fav Here. Support”

DJ Rob Warner (Ready Mix/ New Zealand)
“Good Traxx is dope. Weird but dope.”

Lee Softley
“very interesting collection of tracks. I like the acid influenced the most and will give those a try.”

Marques Wyatt (OM / Los Angeles)

Pointbender (Thoughtless, Harmonious Discord, 530Techno / Austin)
“The Daxophonics remix is just silly good! Jak and Lilroj remix gets heavy as well, I love it”

“Leadwave dub for me, deep and building!! Fortier’s on form!”

Vazik (Sound of Earth)
“Daxophonics & Jak w/ LilRoj mixes stand out for me, thx.”

SLAM / Orde Meikle (Glasgow, UK)
“will road test these – thanx”

Toni Rios (Cocoon Club / Frankfurt)
“good traxx sounds interesting. will test it. thanx.”

Sean Danke (Affin)
“Symbio remix is the one for me on this one.”

Noah Pred (Thoughtless Music / Berlin)
“Some quality stuff in here… thanks!”

Jay Riordan (PowerFM / Dublin)
“wurl – jak &Liroj is cool really like boozit also YWL2 sounds great & semi circle is so nice i’m gonna have to d/l and listen to the compilation it’s great thanks for sending”

Brien Ferguson
“Hella interesting listening, bookended with seriously weird floor fillers.”

Dick Diamonds (The Deep North / Toronto)
“Nice release here from 530Techno, most are quite solid releases, but I think the remixes of Lady Black are strongest. Love the McMillion one! ”

Arjun Vagale (Ostwind / India)
“really stunning release.”

David Scuba (SuperFREQ / Los Angeles)
“Wow.. Good Traxx…, and the remix of Wurl…. nailed it.. ”

Spin Diva (Clubbers Guide / NYC)
“Lovely work…”

Audiowomb (The Netherlands)
“Angel alanis and Leadwave dub are cool!”

Sone (From0-1 / Seattle)
“Symbio remix is the pick for me!”

Logan 5 (KZFR 90.1 / Chico)
“A tremendous showcase of the diverse output and vibrant input of tech sounds from the North State and beyond. Will be played proudly on the dancefloor and radio waves that blanket our corner of the universe. JAK and LilRoj’s imprint on Wurl is a barnstormer.”

 Riyaz Khan (Diversions / Toronto)
“sounds ace…especially like the trippy Jon McMillion P-Bass Mix!”

Stefano Infusino
“Very nice package! i will try some of these!”

Merlyn Martin (Subdivisions Global Radio Show / USA)
“Really dig the deep vibed Good Traxx – Thx!”

LilRoj (Subsensory Recordings / Portland)
“Great release. Good variety of sounds. Loving the Semicircle remix from Symbio.”

Additional support from: Kernel Key, DJ Meri (Rulers of the Deep), Andrew Grant, Richie Hawtin, Sam Paganini, Omid 16B, DJ Tronic, Behrouz, Signal Deluxe, Moodymanc, Yamil Colucci, and many more.

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Oilpanic – CIMMN EP // 530D011 – OUT NOW

Buy on Beatport

Northern California based dj/producer Hjalmar Hake (aka OILPANIC) returns with his second EP for 530Techno entitled CIMMN (Carl Is My Middle Name).

Lush, big room vibes and summer psych rhythms pervade both original tracks neither of which fall easily within commercial genres of dance music.  Always pushing the boundaries, Hjalmar’s music is a good mirror of his personal character, being at once original, warm and rooted in nature as well as cosmic and visionary. No other sound has been so influential in crafting the 530Techno imprint as Oilpanic’s lateral thinking take on electro, techno and house. For this very special EP, we enlisted two of our heroes of electronic music to provide remixes for Carl Is My Middle Name.

Brendon Moeller (aka Beat Pharmacy, Echologist) kicks out the big room jam with a conjuring of Ozric/CAN vibes over block rocking beats and analog sounds. Perfectly suited for the summer festival circuit, Brendon’s Acid Dub reminds us, the future is now!

J Hunsberger (Cynosure, Mule Electronic, Audiomatique) strips CIMMN down to its essentials and turns in a beautiful reconfiguration of the CIMMN synths while keeping the spacey vibe of the original. Impeccable production and an appreciation for fine detail, J Hunsberger’s Hawaiian Island Re-Rub feels like ocean waves lapping up at you on a warm summer day.

DJ Support

“Wow! love TT72. Ace beat. super original. nice surprise to find in my mailbox. thanks. will play this one for a while . . . Thomas”

Nick Warren (Hope / UK)
“Wonderful techno, love the original mixes!”

Laurent Garnier (ItIsWhatItIs / Paris)
“Really like the J Hunsberger remix of the Carl Is My Middle Name!”

Luke Solomon (Classic / UK)
“Not usually the kind of thing I normally play, but I like this loads!!”

Plankton (Hidden Recordings / France)
“Awesome Brendon Moeller Remix!”

Tedd Patterson (Cielo / New York)
“Time Travel is a BOMB!”

Deepchild (Trapez / Opossum Records / Berlin)
“Super-nice, chuggy, bang-on techno from the core of the earth, right here. Proper decent!”

Tyler Stadius (Proton & Dinamo FM / Vancouver)
“Great Production!”

Christian Martin (Dirtybird / San Francisco)
“Cool groove in time travel 72!”

Pointbender (Thoughtless, Harmonious Discord, 530Techno / Austin)
“I am loving all these cuts so much. 530 has an uncanny ability to shatter norms and peak my interest. The upright bass in Time travel KILLS, that one will get heavy rotation!!!”

Q-Burns Abstract Message (Eighth Dimension / Invisible
Airwaves Radio Show)

“Time Travel 72 … massive tune!”

Fine Cut Bodies (CHi / MR2 / Tilos / Faculty)
“Lovin’ Hunsberger’s mix! great sound design there!”

SLAM / Orde Meikle (Glasgow, UK)
“Will spin this – thanx guys!”

Toni Rios (Cocoon Club / Frankfurt)
“Time Travel 72 is my fav. great for my set. thanx.”

Brothers Vibe / Tony Rodriguez (BV Black, Jersey Underground, Mixx, Som Underground / NYC)
“Good Release!”

Noah Pred (Thoughtless Music / Toronto)
“Welcome back, J! Time Travel is my jam though: proper electro-techno.”

Jay Riordan (PowerFM/Dublin)
“Wish i could heart them all! Really nice package! Could see them all working well in the right environment thanks for sending”

Jonra Babiracki (Designforms / Los Angeles)
“I love this release … will play all tracks .. . props 530 crew doing it right again! Carl is my middle name and Time travel originals are the ones for me”

Dick Diamonds (The Deep North / Toronto)
“Feeling both tunes on this release for sure!! the original mixes are fantastic, as are both remixes – – altough I think that Hunsberger’s takes the cake of the two!!! Will def play out this release!!” – Review on The Deep North

Mitch Davis (Beats & Beyond / Electric Sheep)
“Loving this ep…two originals are superb and both remixes are excellent.”

David Scuba (SuperFREQ / Los Angeles)
“Full Support!”

Spin Diva (Clubbers Guide / NYC)
“Love these tracks! Brendon can do no wrong in the mix!”

Audiowomb (The Netherlands)
“Nice spacey EP!”

Sone (From0-1 / Seattle)
“Cool release. Will end playing Time Travel the most but the Brendon Moeller remix is awesome too! Will def support.”

Logan 5 (KZFR 90.1 / Chico)
“The Hunsburger mix balances the squelchy funk and surfs-up-saw-waves for my party sets, while Time Travel 72 is the kind of electro fuel I need to burn the midnight airwaves. Another bomb release!” – J Hunsberger Remix Featured on The After After Party

Android Cartel (Fade / Rawthentic / Riff Raff / Los Angeles)
“Hard to choose a favorite, will use in our dance spirit sets!”

Attemporal (Valencia)
“Really love Carl Is My Middle Name. Will play it in our deepest sets. Thanks!”

Merlyn Martin (Subdivisions Global Radio Show / USA)
“Good Stuff!” – Featured on Subdivisions Global Radio

LilRoj (Subsensory Recordings / Portland)
“Time Travel is my jam. Thank you, will support!”

Additional support from: Seth Troxler, Sander Kleinenberg, Dubfire, Ritchie Hawtin, Claude VonStroke, Sebastian Ingrosso, Dj Tronic, Tini Tun, Marco Asoleda, Roman Kramer and Yamil Colucci.

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pod:011 – lilroj

Download 530Techno // pod:011 – mixed by lilroj

about lilroj //  The musical career of Roger Vellion aka LilRoj began in Louisiana, where at the age of 15 he began experimenting with turntables and electronic music. In 1994, at the age of 18 he broke into the nightclub scene, and two years later the New Orleans Rave scene. Early gigs included Freebass Society events at the State Palace Theatre, known as the epicenter of music and culture in New Orleans, as well as many large mid 90′s warehouse parties in major cities like Houston and Memphis. He continued to be a staple in the Southern scene up until 2002, when he moved to Portland, Oregon. In Portland, Roj established himself as a top local talent and began to refine his sound, focusing on funky, bass-heavy techno and minimal. He also began expanding his passion for electronic music production. In 2008 Roj began working with fellow Portland artist JAK, becoming a key remixer and producer for the SubSensory label. Roj now helps manage the label as well as SubSensory’s monthly event: STATIC.   web / facebook / soundcloud

Historical Influences

1.  Joey Beltram – Psycho Bass
2.  The Overlords – God’s Eye (Heavy Duty Lion Rock Vibe)
3.  Progression – Reach Further
4.  CJ Bolland – Horse Power
5.  M to the Third Power – Brainwaves
6.  Speedy J  – Pepper

Current DJ Mix

1.   Marc Romboy, Stephan Bodzin – Telesto (Original Mix)
2.   Nicolas Masseyeff – Mugen (Original Mix)
3.   LilRoj – Chuckle (Mario Maroto Remix)
4.   Reset Robot – Moozboosh (Original Mix)
5.   Luigi Madonna – Fuencarral (Original Mix)
6.   Gabriela Penn – Radioactive Elephants From Mars (Original Mix)
7.   Sante – Ce Una (Carlo Lio Remix)
8.   Taster Peter – The Clipping Track (Original Mix)
9.   Luigi Rocca, Pleasurekraft – Nostromo (Original Mix)
10. LilRoj – Free Air (Original Mix)
11. Scuba – M.A.R.S (DJ-Kicks) (Unmixed)
12. Katsuhiko – Elemind – DJ Mourad (W.A.R.M.T.H. 313 Remix)

Current Influences

1.  Nightmares On Wax – Passion (Original Mix)
2.  In Credo – Siesta Del Sol (Laid Back Summer Cut)
3.  Nicolas Jaar – Wouh (Original Mix)
4.  Nor Elle – At Close Quaters (Original Mix)
5.  Sun Control Species – Scalar Fields (Original Mix)
6.  Nor Elle – Desert Storm

compiled and mixed by lilroj

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