Syphon – Dixieland EP // 530D010 – Out Now

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Detroit style robot funk infused with cold crystalline tech from American Midwest congruent techno producer, Syphon (Wave Records, Parity).  Tribal rhythmic structures merge with detroit soul providing the foundation for Syphon’s creative composition and use of original samples.

Lateral northern California producers, Ribbon Tweeter Worship, drop a spring time electro bomb for their remix of Take You There. Smooth 90’s deep house keys fuse with tweaked out acid to bring you a track unlike anything out there right now. Crafted for full dance floor mayhem.

Toronto’s Murr (New Kanada, LAL Forest), returns to 530Techno with a futuristic piece of lateral minimal house. His remix of Dixieland is crafted perfectly for the late + deep crowd, expansive and mesmerizing.

DJ Support

Noah Pred (Thoughtless Music / Toronto)
“Murr Remix for me. Toronto in the building!”

SLAM / Orde Meikle (Glasgow, UK)
“Will spin Take you There!”

Chris Fortier (Fade Records / NYC)
“Original versions of both for me!”

Tedd Patterson (Cielo / New York)
” This is Cool!!”

Signal Deluxe (Hidden, BLAQ, Thoughtless, Fade / Mexico City)
“Very nice release will play out for sure! thanks!!”

Andrew Grant (Circoloco, DC-10 / Barraca, Ibiza)

Andrea Ferlin (Sleep Is Commercial / Berlin)
“5/5 Murr remix for me!”

Pointbender (Thoughtless, Harmonious Discord, 530Techno / Austin)
“Murr remix is killer! Also digging the ribbon tweeter old school synths.”

Tronic (Dancefloor Mayhem, KBOO FM, / Portland)
“Take You There is a great mind bending techno track!”

Derek Marin (Subtrak, Faucet/ NYC)
“Take You There & Dixieland (Murr Remix). Liking them i am!”

Tini Tun (We Are Here Records / Mexico City)
“Solid Tracks! Dixieland Original for me.”

LilRoj (Subsensory Recordings / Portland)
Feeling the Dixieland Murr Remix above the rest. Smooth groove. Thanks.

Sean-Michael Yoder (Ibiza-Voice, Vinyljunkie PR)
“Love this release, challenging sounds and sick remixes!”

Greg Fenton (i-Dj, MagazineSixty / UK)
“Good remixes.”

Hjalmar Hake (KZFR Chico, Black Market Disco / USA)
“This is great! Will play Dixieland and Ribbon Tweeter Worship remix for sure! Slammer!”

Riyaz Khan (CHRY 105.5FM / Toronto)
“Diggin’ both original cuts especially the frantically melodic rhythms of Dixieland”

Isreal Vich (Designforms / Peru)
“Thank you, good work!”

Giannis Chrysogonou  (Weekender Mix / Greece)
“I like Dixieland a lot!”

Merlyn Martin (Subdivisions Global Radio Show / USA)
“Murr Remix is very cool!”

Fine Cut Bodies (CHi / MR2 / Tilos / Faculty)
“Nice deep stuff guys!”

Philogresz (The Netherlands)
“Feeling murr remix of dixieland – interesting sounddesign.”

POLE Folder (Reworck / Belgium)
“Murr Remix is really interesting. Thanks!”

Analog Effect (Amsterdam)
“Murr Remix for me!!”

Tetsuo Zaragoza ( / Barcelona)
“This is great !! Thanks !!!”

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Ivan Dbri & Wirik – Ibossim EP // 530D009 – Out Now

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Beautiful, melodic and dubbed out electronics are rooted in deep grooves perfect for warming winter dance floors.  We welcome two wonderfully creative producers from Calgary, Ivan Dbri & Wirik, who open 2012 for us with their Ibossim EP.

Ibossim and Hypnose E Thanatos both capture a dynamic landscape of digital technique and analog aesthetics. Balancing influences from tribal house, dub techno, post-classical and latin jazz, Dbri & Wirik create mesmerizing and highly musical dance floor arrangements rarely heard in main stream electronica.

Los Angeles duo, Android Cartel (NeuroTraxx Deluxe, Rawthentic, Sketchbook, NOICE!) are enlisted to remix and catapult Ibossim into a big room tech-house groover awash with huge reverbs, android dub stylings and top notch production.

Riding the basic channel style strings from the original, Oilpanic remixes Hypnose E Thanatos into a deep late night shuffling slab of groovy techno.

DJ Support

Jay Tripwire (Poker Flat, Nordic Trax, Seasons / Vancouver)
” Android in the place. This remix is reminiscent to the time they took me to Castle Greyskull and we tormented Evil Lynn by poking her in the brown star with Skeletors ramstaff..Hot jam for sure!!”

Lee Curtiss (Wolf+Lamb, Visionquest, Get Physical / Detroit)
“Awesome EP!”

Audio Injection (Droid, CLR / Los Angeles)
“Great Deep Tunes!”

Dubfire (SCI+Tec / Washington D.C.)

Noah Pred (Thoughtless Music / Toronto)
“Ibossim is a really gorgeous track and the Cartel remix is bomb. Will play. Thanks!”

SLAM / Orde Meikle (Glasgow, UK)
“Playing this – thanx guys!”

Tedd Patterson (Cielo / New York)
” Ibossim is really cool. Great sound. Also Hypnose E Thanatos is really great.”

Stryke (Circle Music, Droid, Ovum / Miami)
“Very cool EP. Will try out this weekend. Digging thelaid back yet funky vibe!”

Andrew Grant (Circoloco, DC-10 / Barraca, Ibiza)
” Android Cartel mix and Hypnose E are dope.”

Luis Flores (Nopal Beat, Droid / Mexico)
“Deep techno warmth. Both Hypnose stand out.”

Marques Wyatt (Vanguard, / Hollywood)
“Im diggin this.”

Alexi Delano (Plus8, Clink, Drumcode / NYC)
“Ibossim and Hypnose!!!”

John Selway (Ovum, Tronic / NYC)
“Android Cartel Remix is spacey, kinda nice … Will test it out! ”

Andrea Ferlin (Sleep Is Commercial / Berlin)
“Android Cartel remix for me!”

Dj Rob Warner (Ibiza Voice / New Zealand / Asia)
” The Oilpanic remix especially is dope.”

Billy Disciple (Bar13 / Love NYC / Undulate / NYC)
“Nice one, boys. Android Cartel remix is nice, but I’m really digging Oilpanic’s take on this. Full support.”

Dave Seaman (Renaissance/ UK)
“Very Nice Remixes!”

Omid 16b (SexOnWax / ALOLA / Matter / MOS / UK)
“Great package!”

Brien Ferguson (Ibiza Voice, HotHouse / US)
“Top notch release, full of spacious atmospheres and understated robot funk. Brings to mind fashionable spies and hazy, equatorial adventures.”

Brothers Vibe / Tony Rodriguez (BV Black, Jersey Underground, Mixx, Som Underground / NYC)
“Hypnose is fav!!”

Tini Tun (We Are Here Records / Mexico City)
“Great release, I like the Hypnose (Olipanic Remix) and the Ibossim (Android Cartel). Thanks!”

Pointbender (Thoughtless, Harmonious Discord, 530Techno / Austin)
“Funked out space music, total homerun! Oilpanic nailed it!!!!”

Gunther Sabbagh (B018 , Beirut)
“Great Release!!”

Giannis Chrysogonou  (Weekender Mix / Greece)
“Great deep & melodic release, thanks!”

Merlyn Martin (Subdivisions Global Radio Show / USA)
“Both versions of Ibossim are dope!”

JAK (Subsensory Recordings / Portland)
“Quality release from the 530 fam. I’ll give all of these a try. Hard to choose a fav :)”

Derek Marin (Subtrak, Faucet/ NYC)
“Great release. Every track is up my alley & the Oilpanic Remix is top notch.”

Jonty Skrufff (BLN.FM, Judgement Sunday / Berlin)
“Lovely dark vibe; Full support on the way ;)”

Hjalmar Hake (KZFR Chico, Black Market Disco / USA)
“Top Notch as Always!”

Benji Candelario (Rhythm Mix / Mexico City)
“Good Tune!!!!”

LilRoj (Subsensory Recordings / Portland)
Nice and deep soundscapes. I’m really into the chord work on the Hypnose E Thanatos original. Excellent release. 🙂

Jonra Babiraki (Designforms, BLAQ / Los Angeles)
“Nice groovy dance floor techno nice atmosphere will drop the Ibossim!”

Sean-Michael Yoder (Ibiza-Voice, Vinyljunkie PR)
“Beautiful release. Android Cartel remix for me but it’s a really tough choice here.”

Sasha Carassi (Globox, Phobiq/ Italy)
“Android Cartel Remix for me!”

Vazik (Sounds of Earth / Mexico)
“Some really good mixes over here, loving the Olipanic & Android Cartel´s re-works. Support, thx.”

Tyler Stadius (Proton & Dinamo FM / Vancouver)
“Tripped out cool tracks here. Thanks!”

Greg Fenton (i-Dj, MagazineSixty / UK)
“Good remixes.”

Isreal Vich (Designforms / Peru)
“Android cartel remix, thnx!”

Marc LaCasse (Bar Italia/UMFM 101.5 / Canada)
“Alot of deep mellow cuts … I see the profound nature of Hypnose E Thanatos creeping into the minds of minimalists!”

Sone (From 0-1/ Seattle)
“Nice and sexy release! Liking the Oilpanic remix the best here but will def play the Android Cartel rmx too. Thanks!”

Stefano Infusino (Amazone, MachineBox / Italy)
“Great release! I will play Hypnose E Thanatos original and Oilpanic remix! thx”

Riyaz Khan (CHRY 105.5FM / Toronto)
“Release sounds terrific, especially love the Oilpanic remix !”

Tronic (Dancefloor Mayhem, KBOO FM, / Portland)
“Amazing tracks! Full support. Will be playing and charting this release.”

Additional support from: Seth Troxler, Sandra Collins, Dubfire, Ritchie Hawtin, Claude VonStroke, Sebastian Ingrosso, Roman Kramer and Yamil Colucci.

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pod:010 – jak

Download 530Techno // pod:010 – mixed by jak

about jak // Portland, Oregon-based dj/producer Jack Coleman aka JAK has been spinning techno and house music in the NW United States for 14 years. His precise mixing, moving DJ sets and singular dedication to the full spectrum of techno sounds — along with his work as a producer — has earned him a reputation as one of the most respected underground artists in the region. Over the past decade, JAK headlined events up and down the West Coast, as well as throughout Chile.   //   He’s also the founder of the Portland-Oregon based label and artist collective, SubSensory Recordings. Now approaching 50 releases, including a variety of JAK’s own productions and contributions from some of techno music’s leading artists like Adam Jay, Audio Injection and Spark Taberner to name a few, the label continues to represent Portland’s intimate and growing techno scene and link it to the broader global electronic music community. SubSensory’s bi-monthly club night STATIC, after nearly two years of continually packed dance floors, has proven to be one of the most loved techno club nights in Portland’s edm history.   //  In addition to his own releases on SubSensory, JAK’s original tracks and remixes have been featured on Nude Photo Music, HardPlace Records, *Cutz, Backs/ash Records, Loopsfreaks Black and Aguenring Records and soon on HardDrive Records.  //  In early 2011, JAK’s release “A Thought Apart” with Mario Miranda and Audioelectronic remixes broke the top 50’s minimal charts. In late 2011, his “The Botch” release on SubSensory hit high in the top 100 charts on Beatport, TrackItDown and Dj Download. Look for more from JAK in the very near future!  web / facebook / soundcloud

Part 1 – Techno Influences

When I thought back to songs that have most influenced me, it wasn’t difficult to recall these six.

Richie Hawtin – Call it What You Want – Plus 8 (1995)
This is one of my favorite “acid” records ever. The unforgettable 303s and immense Roland percussion of Call it What You Want sound absolutely amazing to this day.

Planetary Assault Systems – In from the Night – Peacefrog (1994)
The raw sound of Luke Slater’s project “Planetary Assault Systems” was simply unstoppable, and somehow he continues to release groundbreaking music 15 years later.

X- Connection (DJ Misjah & DJ Groovehead) – Funky Drive – X-Trax (1995)
To this day, the Dutch continue to produce some of the world’s best techno. I really loved how Dj Misja’s X-Trax label bridged the divide between acid and funky techno. This is a great example of Misja and co.’s massive work.

Technasia – Future Mix – The Declamation EP (1998)
This is from 1998 but I probably first heard The Declamation EP in 2000. Charles Siegling’s production quality and unique soundscape just blew me away and I wouldn’t hesitate to play this record today.

Luke Slater – Body Freefall, Electronic Inform – J. Carrier’s Highrise Mix – Novamute (2000)
Here’s Luke Slater a few years later with another masterfully produced hit. I think this exemplifies a period when electro and techno were merging in a really cool way.

Remainings III – DK Remix 2 – Drumcode (2000)
For me, this remains one of the most memorable techno tracks ever released. I couldn’t get enough of this and the other mixes of the track back then, and it still rocks like no other.

Part 2 – Current DJ Mix

For the current mix I picked out 10 newer dubby or dark techno tracks from all over the globe. I wanted to keep it kind of spaced out and trippy, as befits the 530Techno imprint 😉

  1. Centrikal – Elephants – Piltdown Sound Dub – SubSensory Recordings
  2. Nathan Coles, David Coker – Summer Acid (Original Mix)
  3. Dembowski – Federmappe (Felix Bernhardt Remix)
  4. JAK,_LilRoj – Boozit – Original Mix – 530Techno
  5. Black Asteroid – Engine 1 (Brian Sanhaji Remix (Another Version)) – CLR
  6. Mr. Jones – Machine Civilization (Tony Montana Remix) – Slap Jaxx
  7. Tom Laws – Stranger With My Face (Original Mix) – Sleaze
  8. Asio (aka R-Play) – Speak (Original Mix)
  9. Cari Lekebusch, Joseph Capriati, Napoli 4am (Original Mix) – Drumcode
  10. Troy Pierce – I Need A Guide (Original Mix) – Items and Things

Part 3 – Current Influences

To be honest, I don’t collect much music outside of the genres I use as a DJ. And outside of techno and house, my version of “current” could be up to 10 years old. Regardless, when I sat down to do this podcast there were a few songs that came to mind which are more in the chill spectrum and share some similar qualities.

Emika – Drop the Other
There’s not much I can say on this one other than this song is just kinda gangsta. Emika’s voice is sooo damn HOT!

The Knife – Lasagna – Original Mix (edit)
Unfortunately I was only clued in to The Knife a few years ago. Their work really stands out to me for its unique vocals, electronic beats and thematic vibes.

Swarms – Flickr of Ur Eyes (edit)
Portland-based label LoDubs released this gem earlier in 2011 on the excellent Swarms – Old Raves End album. It’s got to be one of my favorite chill tracks of the past few years.

WasabiOne – Crucial Dub
I thought I’d close it out with a track I co-produced a few years ago with Higrade1, a long-time friend who’s provided design and creative direction on my music projects for 15 years. We created WasabiOne project as an outlet for our dub-inspired moments.

compiled and mixed by jak
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Pointbender – Remote Locations EP // 530D008 – Out Today

Buy on Beatport

530Techno, the boutique record label based in rural Northern California, closes out 2011 with the seminal Remote Locations EP from Austin, Texas based Pointbender (Thoughtless Music, Harmonious Discord).

Deep, warm analog electronics fully expose the soul in the machine throughout this dynamic EP with remixes from legendary west-coast house producer, Jay Tripwire (Poker Flat, Nordic Trax, Seasons) and soul-tech super hero, The Munk Machine.

Semicircle, is a dubbed out journey dripping with the humid vibes of a torrential rain storm. Epic and beautiful, Pointbender’s artistry here is in his ability to  capture a feeling and sense of place in his music.  Pointbender’s trademark keys, and deep, bumpin tech-house beats keep the groove locked for both original tracks.  Remote Locations, takes us into funkier territory with an irresistibly bumpin bass line. As the track progresses with his excellent use of live electronics, it expresses both the anticipation, excitement and the sorrow of being away from home.

On remix duties, Jay Tripwire summons the cosmic funk with his signature brand of trippy west-coast tech-house on Remote Locations. Bumpin up the acid in the bassline and adding some eargasmic three-dimensional lasers into the mix, he adds immense depth and spatialization to the track. Play this at 4 am on a sweaty dance floor of underground house heads and watch the impending freakdom.

Fast forward to Alpha City 2144 and soul-tech super hero, The Munk Machine transforms Semicircle into a futuristic monster of minimal grooving techno. Keeping the deep vibe and atmosphere of the original track but catapulting us into a synthetic Blade Runner-eque landscape of circuits and bass, The Munk Machine remix is the go to track for the main room.

DJ Support

Mikael Stavöstrand (Adjunct Audio / Stockholm / Los Angeles)
” The Munk Machine Remix is awesome ! .. thanks”

Christian Martin (Dirtybird / San Francisco)
“Great to hear new stuff from Jay Tripwire!”

Tyler Stadius (Proton / Dinamo FM / Vancouver)
“Heavy tracks here. Serious vibe to them. Great Remix from Jay. Thanks!”

Audiojack (Gruuv / 20:20 Vision / UK)
“Jay Tripwire puts a really nice spin on the original, support!

Arthur Oskan (Thoughtless, Beretta / Toronto)
“Nice pack! Title cut and Jay’s remix is golden as usual. Thanks!”

Chris Fortier (Fade Records / NYC)
” All the way Jay!”

Justin Harris (Music For Freaks / UK)
” Really feeling jay’s mix here…!”

Jody Wisternoff (Way Out West / UK)
“The Munk Machine mix is pretty dark man ! Will give a spin for sure, thanks :)”

David Scuba (Superfreq/ Los Angeles)
“Semicircle. Great late night track….Nailed it!!!!!”

Noah Pred (Thoughtless Music / Toronto)
” Nice work boys – support!!!!”

SLAM / Orde Meikle (Glasgow, UK)
“Will spin Jay Tripwire’s Remix, Thanks guys!”

Andrew Grant (DC-10 / Barraca, Ibiza)
” Tripwire remix for me!”

Android Cartel (ViVa MUSiC / Noice! / Los Angeles)
” Dope release guys. Jay did an amazing remix as well!”

Brothers Vibe / Tony Rodriguez (BV Black, Jersey Underground, Mixx, Som Underground / NYC)
” Good mixes!”

Roger Sanchez (Stealth Records / Ibiza)
“Will try out The Munk Machine Remix.”

Marc LaCasse (Bar Italia/UMFM 101.5 / Canada)
” JT always brings the fire. straight up tech with a deeper side of house to augment the listeners stance, nto into the wobbley acid later but i know folks will dig it ”

Andrea Ferlin (Sleep Is Commercial / Berlin)
“Jay’s remix for me thanks!”

Signal Deluxe (Blaq, Trenton, Fade / Mexico City)
“Big fans of Point bender’s music!! lovin this release plus Jay’s remix!!! phatt combo!! full support!! from Mexico!”

Rulers Of The Deep (Tallinn Express)
” Semicircle will get radio play from me”

Dj Rob Warner (Ibiza Voice / New Zealand / Asia)
” Wicked EP. Loving the Jay Tripwire mix!” – Review will be featured in

Karraskilla (Biatchcorp/ NYC)
” Great release, I see people closing the eyes while dancing in the middle of the dance floor, . Thanks”

Billy Disciple (Bar13 / Love NYC / Undulate / NYC)
” Nice work boys! Jay Tripwire remix in the bag!!”

Benji Candelario (Rhythm Mix / Mexico City)
” Funky Tune!!”

Greg Fenton (i-Dj, MagazineSixty / UK)
“Really dig Remote Locations and the munk machine remix. will be reviewing for Magazine Sixty.”

Gunther Sabbagh (B018 , Beirut)
“Great Release!!”

Andrew Duke (Cognition Radioworks / Canada)
” Jay Tripwire remix is sweet! Thanks.”

Hjalmar Hake (KZFR Chico, Black Market Disco / USA)
“Yet another great 530 release! Big fan of The Munk Machine remix!!”

Merlyn Martin (Subdivisions Global Radio Show / USA)
” The originals are solid.. Will get Radio play from me!”

Isreal Vich (Designforms / Peru)
“Remote Locations  Tripwire Remix is cool , Original is good also thnx”

Pole FOLDER (Reworck / Belgium)
” Nice EP. Jay Tripwire remix for me.”

Light IDR (Infradig / Mexico)
” For me Jay Tripwire rmx. thanks!”

JAK (Subsensory Recordings / Portland)
” Semicircle for those late night sets. Thanks!”

Yamil (Sounds of Earth / Argentina)
” Remote Locations (Jay Tripwire Remix) is my fav!”

Jubilee (Hidden Records / Washington D.C.)
” Remote locations is for me !!”

Brien Ferguson (Ibiza Voice, HotHouse / US)
” The Munk Machine slays! Love the angular funk and woozy deep tech vibe. Both takes on “Remote Locations” also very superfly. Top notch release.”

Federico Epis (Uraguay)
” Good job. Semicircle (Original Mix)”

LilRoj (Subsensory Recordings / Portland)
” Digging Semicircle original. Solid grooves, thank you!”

Giannis Chrysogonou  (Weekender Mix / Greece)
“Good Stuff !! Jay remix works for me”

Eric Davenport (Geisha House Music / Los Angeles)
” I did the rhythms on Semicircle. Herky jerky stuff.”

Vazik (Sounds of Earth / Mexico)
” Semicircle is my fav, thx.!”

Jevne Miller (One Thirty Recordings, ssradiouk / UK)
“Really like the OG Semicircle mix!”

Lucas Rodenbush (E.B.E. / Los Angeles)
“Really nice music, here right in time for the clock’s turn!”

Gil Kuruneri (NOSI Music / NYC)

Omid 16b (SexOnWax / ALOLA / Matter / MOS / UK)
“Full Support for Jay Tripwire Remix from Omid 16B! ”

Dave Seaman (Rennaissance, Audio Therapy / UK)
“Tripwire mix is cool!”

Paul Corey (Cacophonous Bling / Resident Advisor / UK)
“Great EP. Druggy, moody stuff, just how I like it.”

Additional support from: Seth Troxler, Dubfire, Ritchie Hawtin, Claude VonStroke, Sebastian Ingrosso

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pod:009 – david javate

Download 530Techno // pod:009 – mixed by david javate

David Javate is one of the key djs who have been furthering the techno / electronic music scene in San Francisco for many years. We are proud to share this amazingly elegant and far-reaching mix David exclusively created for 530Techno. It showscases his classic techno influences, a current mix of intelligent and impeccably produced techno and tech-house, as well as some of his favorite chillout tracks. Enjoy!

about david javate // David Javate (pronounced ha-VA-tay) is a San Francisco based DJ and producer.   Brought up on new wave, industrial and acid house, David has always been interested in exploring the grey area between organic and synthetic sounds. As a veteran DJ from Washington DC, David explores deeper genres with a style which acknowledges house and techno’s pioneers while also welcoming today’s innovators.  What results is a unique style which strives to be forward thinking yet exposing the timeliness of electronic dance music.  Showing the diversity of being able to play during different moods of the night, David always aims to take the listener on a journey and make an audio collage which moves the mind and body. Over the years, David has shared the decks with DJs such as Derrick May, Tim Xavier, Stacey Pullen, Ken Ishii, John Tejada, Mark Henning, Mike Huckaby, and Kenny Larkin, to name a few.  David holds residency at Killswitch, an event focusing on underground techno and house, and has recently played at San Francisco’s techno standard, [KONTROL], in addition to  Portland’s Closer Electronic Music Festival.  When not DJ-ing, David is in the studio working on solo projects and collaborating with a number of San Francisco producers, such as Nude Photo Music artist Gold Code, and Fedora’s Mike Perry.   web / facebook / soundcloud

Dave Angel- Endless Eotions- R & S
Dan Morgan- Flowerchild – Geometric
The Nighttripper- Tone Exploitation- ESP Records
Vainqueur -Lyot- (Maurizio remix)- Maurizio
Man Made- Space Wreck- Fragile
Nico – Darkstar- ESP Records
Lisa Stansfield – The Line (Ian O’brien remix) – Arista
Current DJ Mix
Klartraum – Atem – Aenaria Music
Gonno – ACDise #2 (Skudge feels it version) – International Feel
Papol – Limon (Jorge Savoretti remix) – Savor Music
Mattias Fridell – Provide -M_Grey
Cio D’Or – Organza (Samuli Kemppi remix) – Prologue
Mike Dehnert – WH1 Part 2- Fachwerk
Forward Strategy Remix- Code #01 (Donor & Truss remix)- Perc Trax
Reeko – Untitled -Mental Disorder
Arnaud Le Texier- Ingredients – Children of Tomorrow
Myk Derill – Why – M_Grey
RedLed- Angst -M_Grey
Arthur Oskan – Wants & Needs – Beretta Grey
Faith In Bass -Blau Zwischen Grau  (Gold Code Remix)- Nude Photo Music
Ian O’Brien – Midday Sun – Logic
Placid Angles – Beauty of Life – Dot
Musicology – Telefone 529 – B12
Aphex Twin – We are the music makers – Apollo
Bullitnuts – Schism – Dot
Coldcut – More Beats & Pieces (John McEntire Tortoise Mix)- Ninja Tune
LA Synthesis – Agraphobia – Plink Plonk
George Duke – North Beach – MPS Records

compiled and mixed by david javate
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JAK & LilRoj – Boozit // 530D-007 – OUT NOW

Buy on Beatport

Intoxicating main-room fire power from Portland, Oregon based artists, JAK & LilRoj. Boozit is a dark low-end bangin slab of tech-house with a killer vocal sample and a hands in the air breakdown perfect for taking your danceflloor up a notch. With such a big track we invited 3 lateral thinking remixers to share their unique vision.

Our favorite don of the 303, Chicago’s Angel Alanis (Afro Acid, Slap Jaxx), turns in a huge jackin piece of lateral thinking acid house. Angel’s Acid lib remix bridges the old school acid trax sound with some other worldly cosmic techno funk.  Next up, another artist from the midwest, Syphon (Wave Records, Parity), ups the energy level by throwin down some heavy tribal percussion into the mix. Syphon’s Dub wouldnt be out of place moving several thousand dancers following a DJ float, getting down in the streets of Berlin.  Stripping things back and adding his signature analog keys, Austin, Texas based dj/producer Pointbender (Thoughtless, Harmonious Discord)  guides us through the come down with a wonderful slab of deep house.

DJ Support & Feedback

Danny Tenaglia (Tommy Boy / NYC)
“Syphon Dub!”

Deepchild  (Trapez, Resopal Schallware / Berlin)
“Uber-dope shit here. All tough, warm and proper. Top marks!”

Anthony Pappa (GU, Renaissance / London / Australia)
“Cool EP. Best track here is Boozit Original Mix. Thanks!”

Noah Pred  (Thoughtless / Berlin)
“Original works best for me – solid groove!”

Brendon Moeller  (Beat Pharmacy, Echologist / NYC)
“Syphon and Pointbender remixes doing it for me. thx!”

Lars Wickinger (Traum, Liebe*Detail / Berlin)

Brien Fergeson (Ibiza Voice / Straylight Productions)
“Pointbender’s rich, after party head fuck is a sure fire winner.”

Isreal Vich  (Lima / Peru)
“Excellent!!!!!! Original mix is Bliss!!”

Tetsuo Zaragoza ( / Barcelona)
“Good Stuff !!! Thanks !!!”

David Scuba  (Superfreq / Los Angeles)
“Boozit original mix ….. is working for me”

Android Cartel (ViVa MUSiC / Mija / Railyard Recordings / Los Angeles)
“Diggin the pointbender bear hug”

Fine Cut Bodies (CHi / MR2 / Tilos / Faculty / Budapest)
“Groovy techno pack!”

Vince Watson  (Planet E / Tresor / Delsin)
“Syphon dub for me on this!”

Pointbender (Thoughtless Music, Harmonious Discord / Austin)
“Loving all mixes, Syphon dub is heavy!”

Tyler Stadius (Proton & Dinamo FM / Vancouver)
“Nice acid dub!”

Merlyn Martin  (Subdivisions Global Radio)
“Original Minimal Groovin!”

Someone Else  (Foundsound Records / Mexico)
“Syphon Dub is Nice!”

Signal Deluxe (Blaq Records / Mexico)
“Boozit Original and Angel’s rmx for us!! txs!”

Gunther Sabbagh (B018 , Beirut)
“Downloading Pointbender’s. Thx!”

Sean-Michael Yoder  (Ibiza Voice)
“Great release, original vers for me.”

Additional Support from: Claude VonStroke, Seth Troxler, SLAM, Ritchie Hawtin, Sebastian Ingrosso, Giannis Chrysogonou, Jalebee Cartel

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pod:008 – pointbender

Download 530Techno // pod:008 – mixed by pointbender

KiloWatts – Ayandan
Four Tet – Clouding
Deep Dish – Morning Wood
Telefone Tel Aviv – Lotus Above Water
KiloWatts – Seed
Trentemoller – Take me into your Skin
Telefone Tel Aviv – Life is all about taking things and putting things Out
Lusine – Operation Costs
Lusine – Gravity
James Holden – Kaern
DJ Mix
Will Saul – 3000 AD (I:Cube Dub Mix) – Simple Recordings
Vegenaut – There it is – Harmonious Discord
Hans Thalau- Lassuer (Milton Jackson Remix) – Caballero Recordings
Martin Buttrich – What’s Your Name – Poker Flat
Zoo Brazil – Kazaboo – Harthouse
Martin Buttrich – Snapshots – Poker Flat
Loco Dice – A Chico A  Rythmaco – Cadenza
Matthew Johnson – Marionette (Adam Bayer Remix) – Wagon Repair

compiled and mixed by pointbender
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